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RCP (Root Cause Protocal) Pack A Adrenal Cocktail Support

RCP (Root Cause Protocal) Pack A Adrenal Cocktail Support

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RCP (Root Cause Protocal) Pack A Adrenal Cocktail Support

1 x 95 ml Ancient Lakes natural liquid , magnesium-rich ‘bitterns’ containing 98,000 ppm magnesium ions in solution.

1 x  425 gr Magnesium Enriched Salt. Pure, natural Australian lake salt enhanced with our unique ionic magnesium bitterns. Returning the solar concentrated bitterns to the salt boosts its magnesium content to 4400ppm.

1 x 120 gr Powder C+Salts(aka adrenal cocktail) Kakadu Plum Adrenal Support. Contains only: Potassium Chloride, Natural Australian Lake Salt, Kakadu Plum Powder (Terminalia ferdinandiana), Hypromellose cellulose (vegetarian capsules). C+Salts is formulated with only wild-harvested organic Kakadu Plum: the world’s most concentrated wholefood source of vitamin C, natural Australian salt from Lake Deborah, and additive-free potassium chloride. C+Salts Kakadu Plum Mineral Supplement is refractance dried,  which retains its full nutrient profile. Our Kakadu Plum is sustainably harvested by Indigenous communities across the Top End of Australia and supports their economic independence. Per Serving: 2gm Powder or 2 Veggie Capsules: Sodium 458 mg, Potassium 375 mg, and Vitamin C 62 mg

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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