Pure Healthy Magnesium Source

Australian Pure Magnesium is the Ancient Lakes US Distributor. We are excited to bring the best food-grade supplements to the US. As the Ancient Lakes US Distributor, we are vetted and approved for the RCP Protocol. Mary Ellen Murphy, the owner, is RCP Certified in Mineral Balancing and offers HTMA Hair Analysis with interpretation and consults of testing results.

Electrolytes are minerals that need to be maintained in order to improve over-all health; the correct products are essential. Replenish, Restore, and Revitalize with adequate amounts of essential nutrient minerals. As the Ancient Lakes US Distributor, operating under Australian Pure Magnesium in the US, we are bringing the best food-grade supplements to the US.

Magnesium is an essential mineral and electrolyte. Trying to get a well-balanced diet today is difficult. Magnesium, found in every cell of the body, is important for many processes in the body. Because of our lifestyle choices, stress, processed foods, drinking too much coffee, consuming alcohol, and taking some medications, magnesium can be depleted. Also, because of soil depletion, magnesium is no longer in our food supply and deficiency is a widespread problem. Learning about magnesium deficiency, and symptoms of magnesium deficiency, is vital to our health. Learn more here: Medical News Today \

Australian Pure Magnesium, the Ancient Lakes US Distributor, has a range of products created from nature, situated within a Salt Harvest Sanctuary. Lake Deborah is the source of Ancient Lakes’ unique magnesium solution (aka bitterns) and wide range of salt and other specialty products. The fragile eco system of Lake Deborah is protected by this Sanctuary, which allows us to bring to the US, pristine natural magnesium bitterns and salt that are free from modern day pollutants. Our natural magnesium and salt are organic input certified by the Biological Farmers of Australia.

We invite you to join Mary Ellen Murphy, the Ancient Lakes US Distributor and founder of Australian Pure Magnesium, in bringing these amazing food grade, organic products into the United States. Simply. The. Best.


These products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent disease