Love these products! I’ve ordered from them a couple of times, and they always throw in a nice little sample tin of either c+ salts capsules or powder – so nice! I carry it in my purse so if I get caught away from home too long and need an easy AC on the road, I know I have one!  This was my first time trying the powdered formula, and I have to say, stirred into water, it is much more palatable (to me) than Jigsaw’s powdered AC… sorry Jigsaw. I highly recommend this company! Tasha

When the Charley Horse wakes me up in the night, I spray this life enhancing, health building magnesium spray on my contracted muscles and with in a minute the cramp relaxes.  Thanks to the Lister family and the hared working distributors of this, the purest  magnesium in the world! Most effective voltage conductor, I have ever discovered for muscles. Marusia 
Love my magnesium! Shelley
We received our order for the AC capsules as well as the extra gifts. Thank you so much for the magnesium salt and drops!  That was very thoughtful of you!! We appreciate your kindness. Stay healthy! Bobbi and Todd

Mary Ellen, I received the Kakadu Plum today.  I appreciate the samples.  Now, I have a travel size bottle of Magnesium.  Thank you!.  Cindy

I have been using both the Magnesium and c+salts – can’t say enough good thing about them. I put magnesium drops in water – wonderful! And the c+ salts caps have made the AC so much easier! Thank you!!!!! Susan 

I have used all of AL products and love them. I use these products daily then lost when I run out before my next order comes. Their moisturizing cream is the best I have used for my face. Great products.  Maree

I just tried the moisturizing cream for the first time! It’s amazing!!! So light and creamy! I’ve tried others and you can barely dig it out of the jar…let alone spread it on your skin! Karen

I’ve been on ancient lakes products for almost a year – it’s game changing & other salts have not nothing on this one …you certainly know when you’ve run out and start using the other salts again… Made my order this morning Leo

The salt and drops were the major part of protocol that really started to turn my health around – prior to this I was on celtic sea salt > Ancient lakes salt is far more superior (and cleaner) IMO Leo

I received this magnesium gift from @maryellenmuand just last night remembered to use it!?‍♀️ I hadn’t been sleeping well and I just used one drop before bed and I actually made it ALL through the night without waking up! Today I added 2 drops to my water bottle to sip throughout the day as directed. Magnesium has a calming effect on the body especially in stressed individuals. I give my husband magnesium every morning and evening before bed. I highly recommend Ancient Lakes magnesium products! And no, I’m not getting paid to endorse! ?. Thank you @maryellenmu SO much for this gift!?Karen

I love this stuff.  Angelik

I’ve never had any salt taste this good before!! My first thought was, this can’t be real. But now I know it really is! It blows away the Celtic sea salt I’ve been putting into my water for the last 5 years. I really love the clean taste in my water; and on my food – BAM!!! Delicious!!” Gilbert, California.

Mary Ellen’s products are amazing and well worth it….I have been using them for quite awhile and they work for me great!! Hands down some of the best cleanest products around! Christine

Wanted to share my personal victory. My friend was unable to take adrenal cocktails, we tried every possible version we could find – WE found C+ Salts TWO CAPSULES from https://australianpuremagnesium.com/product/csalts-kakadu-plum-adrenal-support-capsules-new-name-same-great-product/ she loves it- thankful for the great find. Andrea

This is the 3rd day of applying your fantastically luxurious moisturizer to my face and a 20 year customer looks at me this morning and says, “something is different about you. …your skin!You look younger!”  I am in love with this moisturizer , especially for my face. This moisturizer is a very lovely and effective facial restorative! Marusia

I’ve been trialling this deodorant for several months and I love it.
It’s completely natural, Australian made and all ingredients are locally sourced. Not only does it work well as a deodorant, but I’ve also found it’s also fantastic for insect bites and heat rash. There is always one in my handbag or backpack because of its versatility! Anne

I have had problems with ordinary deodorants reacting on my skin with itchy rashes and had to give up using them. I decided to try Ancient Lakes Magnesium Deodorant after I read about where they came from and how they were made. I am so happy with the results and have had no itchy rashes at all. I also love the fresh fragrance.

In 1998 a Japanese medical research team discovered that Lake Deborah in Western Australia had a magnesium rich brine that could be concentrated to produce a supplement for their clinical trials on Type 2 diabetic patients with insulin. resistance.  Frank Lister, Owner of Ancient Lakes Magnesium Australia.   https://www.academia.edu/14814515/Clinical_Efficacy_of_Magnesium_Supplementation_in_Patients_with_Type_2_Diabetes

This is major for those that have POTS!

I have Dysautonomia, which is a dysfunction of the autonomic system. There are many forms and I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and Neurocardiogenic Syncope. POTS affects all of the involuntary functions of the body, like breathing, digestion and heart rate. For me, it causes very low blood pressure and extremely high heart rate. Doctors place patients like me on high salt diets, which can be very hard to tolerate. Until I found Frank’s (Ancient Lakes) products, I was fainting daily. I have to consume at least 15 to 17 grams of salt daily and also manage magnesium due to electrolyte imbalances. To say these products have been a life saver is an understatement! For other Dysautonomia patients, I strongly recommend speaking with your doctor, as my cardiologist has been very pleased with the changes since using the bitterns and salts! I will include below some info on the importance of salt for Dysautonomia patients! Thank you Frank for all of the products you donated . Excellent company! Tandi

I want you to know, I’m starting to feel much better! Im sure it’s the salt that’s doing it.♡♡♡ Tina

After seeing Mary Ellen and using her highly recommended Ancient Lakes Magnesium and  other products, I feel so much better! I realize more than ever the importance of Magnesium and other minerals needed for optimum health. Mary Ellen is also very educated on nutrition and will take the caring time to go over your needs as an individual. The problem with the medical industry today is that they blanket everybody the same and that does not work! When you meet with her, you will get a custom made plan to feeling better and healthier just for you. I got very ill when I was getting B 12 shots so when I had the genetic testing done I was able to see that I wasn’t methylating properly to even handle B 12. These are very important facts and they’re very good to know in order to heal yourself. I highly recommend her and she has such a caring heart. ? Lyric

Mary Ellen Murphy is a dedicated health coach and supplement provider.  Mary Ellen prioritizes her clients health, and empathizes with their struggles as a result of her own journey to healing.  As both a teacher and mentor, Mary Ellen provides encouragement, detailed instruction, and a well thought out protocol for her clients.  She reads between the lines, and is able to take a big picture view when it comes to creating a plan that focuses on restoring the body’s natural state of health in a precise, safe, and balanced way over the long term.  Mary Ellen is hands on, supportive, and a wonderful human being doing magnificent work in the world of healing and integrative medicine. Emily

Amazing testimony and proud to be a part of her journey. We started working with each other in September.  When I started my journey towards better health in July of 2017, weight loss was not my biggest priority. I have copper overload which has affected many other functions of my body. When I first met Mary Ellen, I was struggling to make it through each day. I had zero energy. I suffered from extreme headaches and body pains and my muscles spasmed and cramped every few minutes. Along with many other symptoms. Since working with Mary Ellen, these symptoms have massively decreased. As a result of sticking to a healing diet, I have lost 55lbs. While I still have a long road ahead of me, Mary Ellen’s knowledge and quality of care has made it possible for me to function everyday while slowly working toward healing my body. Thank you Mary Ellen. Christine

I absolutely LOVE this entire range of products, your Magnesium is the best on the planet. Thanks to Frank, I have been blessed to be a tester of each product as it has come to fruition. Your Bitterns is magnificent, what more can I say. I am on my 3rd bottle and have many friends ordering! I am also ordering the Roll On Deodorant for a friend. I must get these friends to order themselves! lol Thank you for introducing me to the Best Magnesium on this Planet, with many options, what more could I ask for? Much Love and Blessings to your family and business. Carolyn

Mary Ellen suggested that I try Ancient Lakes Magnesium several months ago. Since a painful, mental breakdown in 2011 causes by divorce, job loss and health issues, I was caught up in the common world of antidepressants and other pharmaceuticals to manage my mental health, clarity, focus and stamina. I weaned myself off of Wellbutrin about 4 years ago and took my mental health into my own hands. I completely changed my diet to no sugar, no bread and added regular exercise. When I finally realized that all illnesses are basically a result of mineral deficiencies and that food is medicine, my health has changed dramatically!  I tried different brands of magnesium, but have found that Ancient Lakes Magnesium seems to provide more of the health advantage that I seek. My mental clarity and focus are better. My energy level is better and the depression fog has lifted. I sleep better and it seems to keep my gut health in check. I would highly recommend that every American regularly use a magnesium supplement and my personal choice is Ancient Lakes Magnesium. Try it! Ginger