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Ancient Lakes Magnesium

Natural Liquid Highly Concentrated Magnesium 500ml

Natural Liquid Highly Concentrated Magnesium 500ml

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Natural Liquid Highly Concentrated Magnesium 95 ml is a highly concentrated source of magnesium and other essential minerals is gently harvested from our ancient salt lake.

Ancient Lakes natural, magnesium-rich ‘bitterns’ contain magnesium ions in solution. They are a complex mix of ionic minerals of magnesium, potassium,...

Use these concentrated magnesium drops in your drinks, juices and meals for an easy way to boost your magnesium intake.

  • Highly bio-available and quickly absorbed
  • A great way to increase your magnesium intake
  • Add to juice, or a bottle of still or sparkling water to sip throughout the day
  • Safe to cook with – unaffected by heat
  • Comes with glass droppers

Suggested use:

Adults - start with up to 10 drops added to water, juice or food daily. Increase gradually 2–3 drops per day until tolerance is reached.

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