Mineral Balancine

Mineral Balancing

Magnesium and Salt are  part of the mineral balancing program that I teach.

What is mineral balancing? Mineral Balancing ensures that you have adequate amounts of essential nutrient minerals and that their relationships to one another (ratios) are correct. Copper Dysregulation is a the heart of mineral balancing. Individuals with thyroid issues suffer with copper imbalance. When the copper binding protein, ceruloplasmin (CP) is low, it is tough to raise. Mineral Balancing is vital so copper can be properly utilized to prevent it from being stored in the liver, brain and thyroid. Adrenals and the liver must be functioning properly to make CP and is dependent on animal based retinol, along with whole food vitamin C. Supplemental iron, calcium, vitamin D, high fructose corn syrup, ascorbic acid (GMO corn) and stress contribute to this copper dysregulation and toxicity. CP is key and mineral balancing is specific to raising CP and it is critical that the co-factors are in place to get these nutrients into the cell. CP is needed for neurotransmitter health, keeping yeast, parasites and other nasties under control, and is very important in ATP regulation (energy production.) Mineral Balancing is at the cellular level. Balancing your minerals helps the body get the nutrients it needs to heal itself, regardless of the symptoms you have. If your looking for ways to change your genetic expression, minerals have to be addressed and balanced. Genetic Testing can assist in targeting your personal health needs. Please contact me for a 15 minute consultation to understand the importance of mineral balancing and getting your health and immune system on the right track. Mineral Balancing may be the most important investment you can make in your health.

Gene mutations are simply transcription errors that have turned on due to mineral deficiencies! Minerals make enzymes, and genes are turned on and off by enzymes or lack of enzymes… Therefore mineral deficiencies activate gene expression..”

“Emotions change minerals and minerals change emotions. Your emotional life is reflected in your minerals, just like moonlight is reflected on the surface of a lake. It also works in reverse. Your mineral balance will be reflected in your emotional life, and in your ability to give love.”

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