History of Lake Deborah

History of Lake Deborah

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Three generations of Lister families have been harvesting minerals from Lake Deborah for over 70 years. Their stewardship in Lake Deborah resulted in protection by the Western Australian government within a Salt Harvest Sanctuary. This protection recognized the Lister Family’s long-term sustainable harvesting of Lake Deborah’s unique minerals.

Produced by Nature

Unlike most operations that pump liquid brine from deep underground, or evaporate seawater on an industrial scale, Ancient Lakes minerals are produced naturally at the lake by the earth’s own seasonal cycle. In winter, rain falls and covers the lake dissolving the minerals underneath to form fresh, mineral-rich brine. When summer arrives, the sun and the wind evaporate the water, leaving a mineral-rich salt crust on the surface.

Nature creates concentrated brine below the surface. This brine, also known as bitterns, is loaded with magnesium, potassium, calcium, iodine, zinc, boron, and other essential trace elements. The brine is further concentrated in ponds at the lake’s edge using only the energy of the sun.

Environmentally Friendly

This environmentally sensitive way of harvesting Lake Deborah’s minerals, using natural rainfall and the energy of the sun and wind, gives these products an extremely low carbon footprint and protects the delicate environment of the lake and its surrounding ecosystem.

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