Family Owned and Produced

Family Owned and Produced

Ancient Lakes Magnesium and salt products come from a sustainably harvest magnesium-rich mineral source from a pristine ancient salt lake called Lake Deborah in Western Australia to create a unique range of wellness and personal care products.

Situated within a Salt Harvest Sanctuary, the beautiful Lake Deborah is the source of Ancient Lakes’ unique magnesium solution. The sanctuary ensures that Lake Deborah’s fragile ecosystem is protected and our pristine magnesium bitterns and salt are free from modern pollutants.

All the products are enhanced with our completely natural magnesium liquid ‘bitterns’ to boost your intake of this essential mineral and to improve your health and wellbeing from inside and out.

For three generations the Lister  family has harvested natural salt and magnesium from Lake Deborah and you can now enjoy  the benefits of pure magnesium in their diets. I am excited to share these unique range of magnesium products with you and your family, so you too can discover the benefits of this ancient mineral, right here in the United States.

Our magnesium bitterns and salt are organic input certified by the Biological Farmers of Australia.

You can try our magnesium bitterns and salt products by clicking here

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